DayZ Noobs! Whitelisted Donor Server|24/7 Day|Base Building/Looting

This is a donation subscription server, this is to help cover the cost and keep our main servers up and running. Cost is $5 USD per month.

If rules are broken, no refunds are given. All donations go straight to the servers provider.

Server downtime for unforseen circumstances will be comped.
To become whitelisted please send an email to either or stating the email you used to donate with, your personal GUID, and how long you’d like to be whitelisted for.

To find your GUID please:
1. Go to your profile page on Steam, right click and empty space on your profile and “copy page URL”.
2. Go to and paste in your page URL and copy your Steam 64 ID.
3. Go to and paste in your Steam 64 ID and you will be shown your unique GUID.

To donate, please go here:
or ask an admin for the same clickable donation link.
Once you have emailed Razzowz or Vengeful at their emails listed above with the duration of the subscription, the email you used, and your GUID, we will check and confirmed the donation has been made and your GUID will be added to the whitelist. You will be able to gain access once the server has restarted.


We are not selling products here, and we are not providing gear, item sets, or a geared base for you to loot. You MUST loot up as you would normally, and build a base for yourself. All money will go strictly to the server costs and be used to keep them up. Keep in mind, if rules are broken, access to the server will be taken away.
For any further questions, please contact our admin “Vengeful” as she will be taking care of questions related to both servers and can help you with anything you need.
All players please consider joining our “DayZ Noobs Discord” to be kept up to date with any and all information on both servers. This is also a place to report any suspicious activity you may see inside or outside of game.